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Nathalie Lépine is one of those painters who hesitate to talk about their work. She will only venture to say that her most fervent wish is to paint « invitations to a voyage » and to evoke the viewer's emotions.

She translates the complexity of the human, and particularly the feminine, condition in hyper-simplified lines. Then she works to enrich the paint itself to intensify the subject matter.

On her St Martin island, she started to explore the topics of the ocean, fascinated by the spectacular show “Madame Nature” offers every day. She treats her landscapes and seascapes the same way, with pure lines and extremely deep textures.


Self-taught artist.

Born in France in 1965.

Educated at business school in Paris.

Employed by large food industry groups.

1998 : met the painter Saci and trained under him for 4 years in his studio near Paris.



  • 2003 : Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York

  • 2009 : 10 years of painting / Launch of the book “Portrait Gallery”, St Martin

  • 2010 : Admiral’Inn Antigua

  • 2011 : Chapelle St Léonard, Paris with the sculptor Pascale Hamelin.

  • 2012 : Powder House, Antigua

  • 2012 : Harmony Hall Gallery, Antigua

  • 2013 : Jumby Bay, Antigua.

  • 2014 : The Spoke Club, Toronto.

  • 2015 : The Cliff, Sint Maarten

  • 2016 : Galerie d’Art et d’Or, Burgundy France

  • 2018 : Quinta Dominica Fondation, Santo Domingo, with the soprano Marie Vasconi

  • 2019 : Paris, private exhibition with the soprano Marie Vasconi.

  • 2020 : NocoArt exhibition, St Martin, Gazing at Horizon.

  • 2022 : The Cliff, Sint Maarten

  • 2022 : Art Week St Barthelemy Hotel Villa Marie

Permanent Exhibition :

Giardino Gallery Maastricht Hollande 

Galerie du Palais Le Touquet France 

Lynne Bernbaum Gallery Anguilla

Visit the Studio in Saint Martin French West Indies Terres Basses 

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